We will help you to find your right path towards sustainable business management. Two women with strong educational background and various experiences of business and consultation are passionate about making your business more sustainable, economically viable as well as responsible in a fast changing world.

Our aim is to guide small and medium size businesses along their chosen path.

Pathfinder is our dream field and we invite you to join us.


Helena W. Óladóttir

Owner - Consultant

My background is in two fields of studies; environmental sciences and education. With 15 yrs of experience I‘ve consulted and supported local businesses as well as institutions to implement sustainability and social responsibility policies and actions. Along working as environmental manager and sustainability specialist I hold a position as lecturing adjunct at the University of Iceland, School of Education, focusing on climate education, outdoor and sustainability education.

Ragnhildur Ragnarsdóttir

Owner - CEO

My background lies in humanities but took a turn two years ago when I finished an MBA at the University of Iceland. I have years of experience as office manager including conducting and implementing new systems, procedures and processes. 

Working in an environment where sustainability and environmental protection is always the main focus, aim and end point.

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